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Customised Product handling systems with auto-feeding, auto-transfer, auto-ejection etc. Includes Conveyors, unscramblers, indexing Tables etc
  EBS Handjet® Printer

Case to hold all the
Stabilisor wheels for exact printing on curved surfaces .

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  Online Lable Print & Apply

The innovative way of online lable printing and applying labels on various moving products like Shipper cartons...

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We are Auth. Distributor for Handjet® Printer EBS 250 & EBS 260 for India.
This is the world’s first handjet printer from M/S EBS ink jet systeme, GmbH, Germany.

Features –

  Handy and flexible yet light in weight to handle
  Various fonts and sizes in one message
  Substrate based ink and colours
  11 mm to 27 mm char. Size
  Wireless communication
  50 hrs operating life of battery and rechargeable.

This innovative printing application makes easy and flexible to print / mark on almost all surfaces of every shape / big size products. Especially those products that are difficult to move / convey for conventional Non-contact coding methods or those products that are awaiting on various site for dispatches etc.
Let us give you some e.g.

  Oil / Grease drums- M.S. / HDPE
  Wooden bobbins of cables
  Heavy metal sheets / cement sheets
  Heavy metal sheet rolls
  Treated Glass / mirror
  Plywoods / wooden cases / wooden planks
  Special containers / tanks
  PVC / Plastic tanks
  Shipper cartons and their pallet with shrink wrap
  Heavy tyres / wheels / automobile parts
  And many more such applications….
This printer is capable to

  print min. 11 mm character size to max. Of 27 mm character size
  store 30 messages, 1300 characters
  communicate via radio freq. to transfer the new or edited message       automatically
  one PC can communicate to max. of 40 printers on field
  print various fonts, font sizes, special characters, sequential numbers,       RTC,Symbols etc.
  print and mark on stationary and grouted products like transformer,street       lights poles, capital assets etc.
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