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Customised Product handling systems with auto-feeding, auto-transfer, auto-ejection etc. Includes Conveyors, unscramblers, indexing Tables etc
  EBS Handjet Printer

Case to hold all the
Stabilisor wheels for exact printing on curved surfaces .

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  Online Lable Print & Apply

The innovative way of online lable printing and applying labels on various moving products like Shipper cartons...

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We design and develop custom base software for interfacing of various commercial ink jet printers / DOD printers / Bar code scanners / Thermal desktop printers.

Our software is based on Visual basic / C++ and can provide interfacing / data transfer / net working as per custom needs. The software fetches the data from remote PC / Scanner, process the same and sends to various printers / PLC/ Led displays within fraction of seconds and shows the result of acknowledgement to the user. The processed data can be logged on daily / weekly or monthly basis for MIS purpose.

We have successfully executed similar application in Electrode / Telecom / Cement /Food and automobile industries.

Data transfer / communications is established thr’ serial ports like RS232 / RS422 / RS485 or Ethernet / LAN based systems. The software is capable of interfacing almost 20 units for data communications and control purpose, Data logging, Online LED displays units etc.
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